I constantly see “experts” pitching jurisdictions saying how great and perfect they are, etc.

The reality might shock you, but there are absolutely no more true safe havens left. There is no single place where you can move to personally, with all of your assets, and be entirely safe.

In a highly globalized world, everything is interconnected, for the better and for the worst. There is always someone / a group of people / a government out there who might want to have a go at you or your assets, for a variety of reasons, even if you didn’t do anything wrong yourself; just ask Iranians, Russians, Syrians and Westerners such as myself who invested in Russia and got caught up in their own government’s sanctions).

In this short video I elaborate on why Switzerland, Dubai, various European micro-states, crown dependencies, Panama, Singapore, etc are NOT the perfect safe havens that many people would like you to believe.

Watch the video here.

In a world of heightened geopolitical tensions, no single place is absolutely safe

The safest strategy is to be diversified. And with diversification comes more exposure. At any given point something, somewhere in your portfolio will be going belly up.

The days of stashing everything in Singapore or Geneva and feeling 100% safe are gone. The “new world” we have to live in will be marked by tension, betrayal, and extremely aggressive governments and people.

However, with the right strategy, and particularly the right mindset, it is possible to mitigate the risk, and even thrive.

These are the sorts of straight conversations that take place in my internationalization and diversification consulting calls.

To a World of Opportunities,

The Wandering Investor

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