My favourite Real Estate Agent in Belgrade, Serbia

How the real estate market is structured in Belgrade, Serbia

First of all, read my article on real estate investments in Serbia here.

  • Buyers pay their real estate agent a 2% commission, and sellers pay the agent 2% as well.
  • If you buy an apartment in a new building using an agent, in this case you do not pay 2% as the agents receives a standard commission from the developer.
  • It is a relatively low liquidity market, except in the center where properties can be taken off the market relatively fast.
  • You must be sure to get a good real estate agent who will be able to find out relatively quickly if there are legal / title deed / legalization issues before the transaction even gets to the “lawyer level”.

Meet Stefan, my favourite real estate agent in Belgrade

I met a lot of real estate agents in Belgrade. Most were very keen to sell me real estate by talking up creative numbers.

And then I stumbled upon Stefan, who was straight to the point and did not exaggerate anything. I found out why thereafter, he studied law and used to work as an associate at a large, local law firm.

real estate agent belgrade serbia
Stefan with his best friend “Persik”

Stefan speaks English fluently, so he can help you with all your buying, selling, and rental needs in Belgrade.

You can get in touch with Stefan by sending him an email or by using the contact form before.

Stefan and I went to visit an apartment and did the yield calculations together. Feel free to watch it on Youtube from minute 09:10. Before that it’s an overview of the market, which my written report covered well.

Belgrade Real Estate Market Investment Overview & case study
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