In this video, the founder of and I discuss why traveling is essential to do proper intelligence gathering, his methodology for researching stocks, investments he is currently looking at, crisis investing and what his thoughts are on the world to come.

It’s refreshing to hear a positive perspective on things, in a world full of doom and gloom.

German entrepreneur Swen Lorenz is the founder of I’ve subscribed for quite a while now, and the value he offers is quite incredible. For $49 per year (yes, per year), he sends 10 detailed research reports on stock picks, and also does the follow up on his investment ideas.

Additionally, it’s a great educational tool.

I have a dare for you

Subscribe to his free Weekly Dispatches, and I dare you NOT to subscribe to his paid version. Pretty easy, right?

64% of people who subscribe to his Weekly Dispatches end up upgrading to his paid subscription within a few months.

I did so within a few weeks.

You can watch the video here.

To a World of Opportunities,

The Wandering Investor

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