Outside of Europe, people rarely talk about investing in the Swiss stock market.

Sure, people invest in the Swiss Franc (CHF), and open bank accounts in Switzerland, but Swiss equities are never really discussed anywhere.

But according to Franck Béon, who has worked in investment banking and in the hedge fund industry in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Swiss equities can play a unique role in one’s portfolio.

I am not long Swiss equities, but I wanted to hear his thesis, and I must say that he does make a strong case.

In this interview we discuss:
– the CHF
– the Swiss National Bank’s absolutely unique policies
– Swiss equities and some of their quirks
– The taxation of Swiss equities

and a few other related topics

swiss stock market
Watch the Youtube video here

f you speak French, I really recommend Franck’s blog My Alternative Investor. His analyses are thorough, and target professionals in the industry.

To trade on the Swiss stock market, IB, my favourite broker, is an option.

To a World of Opportunities,

The Wandering Investor

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