I’ve been following Chris Marcus for a number of years. When I started following his channel and website, Arcadia Economics, he had just a few thousand followers. They have grown exponentially over the years.

The silver market is potentially explosive, and rather tricky.

On the one hand, so many fundamentals are extremely bullish (rising industrial demand due to the green transition, rising investment demand on the back of loose monetary policy, declining mining yields at silver miners, etc).

On the other hand there are risks in the form of questionable market behaviour by some of the main actors, an over-leveraged paper silver market, and lots of supply in ETFs and trusts.

I had the pleasure to interview Chris to get his take on the silver market. In this video we discussed:

00:00 Introduction
01:35 Why invest in Silver, Chris Marcus’ take on the Silver market
05:15 Paper silver vs Physical silver. Why even play in a market that is potentially rigged?
10:53 #silverqueeze vs. industrial demand for silver
17:37 ETF silver demand increasing
20:50 #silversqueeze, silver supply in ETFs, and silver mining companies
24:25 Difference between SLV and PSLV

You can watch the video here.


I am long silver and silver mining companies

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