I don’t just invest in emerging market real estate. I invest in a wide range of asset classes.

A particular asset class that I’ve been heavily involved in for a few years now is mining shares. They can provide extraordinary leverage, both to the upside and to the downside. It’s a “speculative” component of my portfolio.

My worst mining investments resulted in me losing 80% of my initial investment, while the best ones are up 20x and more.

Overall, I’m up substantially.

There are a lot of talking heads out there in this space, but one of my preferred analysts is Lobo because he stays rational, and does not promise the moon to people. Technically, he is very strong.

I had him on last year in January, so I was very happy to have him on again yesterday. We discussed the learnings from 2021, and his 2022 outlook for Gold, Silver, and Uranium. You can watch the interview here.

Subscribe to his paid service, which has a database of hundreds of mining shares and his view on them. It’s a very good resource to have when conducting due diligence on an investment or speculation. It has saved me from making expensive mistakes.

His free newsletter is great too. It’s a weekly overview of the commodities space, and is completely spam-free.

You can sign up to it here.

Also, he openly shares his trading track record. You can check it out here in the “Track Record” section.

To a World of Opportunities,

The Wandering Investor

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