Few people are able to locate Bosnia on a map. Those that do, typically think of civil war.

However, beyond civil war in the past, Bosnia has a very interesting tax system. Expect to pay 10% personal and corporate income tax on worldwide income, and no capital gains taxes. This last point is rare in Europe.

Sure, one can find low tax jurisdictions such as Bulgaria, Montenegro, and even Hungary to name a few, but all of them tax capital gains.

As for no capital gains taxes, one would have to move to Switzerland, Monaco, or Belgium for example. Apart from Monaco, which is expensive to obtain residency in, they have high income tax rates.

In an environment of rising inflation, capital gains taxes effectively become net wealth taxes. Moving to a country like Bosnia, and becoming a tax resident there (not applicable to US people) can help mitigate this.

In this short video, after watching locals jump off a bridge, I elaborate on who Bosnia might be appropriate for, as well as how one can obtain residency through real estate ownership and company formation.

To a World of Opportunities,

The Wandering Investor

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