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Why buy a house in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – great value in Central America

Prices of real estate have jumped all over Central America due to an influx of North Americans, Europeans, and speculation.
However one town where prices have not jumped since Covid, and are actually down since 2018, is San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua in spite of the town developing fast, and a lot of North Americans moving there.
There are now three international schools in this town, and one can find great value for money. In this video with my San Juan Del Sur realtor Natalie, we have a look at a typical house that families like to live in.

Buying Izmir real estate for the Turkish citizenship by investment

The city of Izmir, the third largest in Turkey, has very few foreigners buying there. The result is that there is very interesting value to be found there. I bought an apartment in Izmir two years ago.

In this video I went around with Keith, my Canadian buyer’s agent (fluent in Turkish), and we had a look at a few properties. It gives a decent overview a market that is wide open to citizenship by investment applicants.

Pros and Cons of living in Medellin, Colombia

I had a discussion with my Medellin realtor Mauricio on the pros and cons of living in Medellin as he moved there full-time from Sweden.

We bought a house in Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

My realtor Luigi and I bought a house together in Playa del Carmen. We show the house, explain why we bought it, and the ROI we expect from it. Such deals are extremely hard to find and are not fully representative of the market.

The New Administrative Capital of Egypt. Why, What, and how?

Focus on Egypti's New Administrative Capital (NAC) built by state-owned developer Administrative Capital for Urban Development (ACUD) Highlighting the why and the what of Egypt’s New Capital built deep eastwards in the of the River Nile in the desert in a break from...
Do not invest in Nickel

Do not invest in Nickel

Sometimes knowing what NOT to invest in is just as important. This is the case with Nickel. I don't just talk about...