I had a discussion with Michael Fritzell of Asian Century Stocks, a Swede who has been living and investing in Asia for 15 years. He runs a Substack specializing in Asian value stocks (here).

In most of Asia, investing directly in real estate is complicated for non-residents and non citizens. It’s possible in a few markets, but they are rarely attractive. Investing in local stocks on local stock exchanges is therefore an interesting alternative to get long term exposure to the region.

In the video we discussed:

00:00 Which Asian stocks Michael invests in
01:15 Why invest in Asian value stocks
02:35 Percentage of Michael’s portfolio in Asian value stocks
04:10 How to avoid value traps
07:45 Adapting one’s portfolio to the energy and food crisis
09:00 Very high dividend yields in some Asian value stocks
10:20 Correlation with Western markets
12:10 A key risk in investing in Chinese stocks
17:30 Which brokerage accounts to access South East Asian markets
20:20 Investing in REITS in Asia

You can watch the video here.

My favourite brokerage to buy stocks is IB as it gives me access to most of the major stock markets in the world, including Singapore, Japan, and Korea.

To a World of Opportunities,

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