I’ve been talking about how to invest Uranium on this blog and channel since early 2021. Uranium equities have done very well since then, albeit with a lot of volatility. I continue to believe that uranium is still one of the most alluring investments out there.

I had the great pleasure to interview Scott Osheroff, a fund manager based in Asia, who first introduced me to this thesis almost 3 years ago.

In this interview he elaborated on the whole thesis from A to Z. If you were ever curious about Uranium, this is something you definitely want to bookmark and take time to listen to.

  • The rebirth of Nuclear energy
  • Why invest in Uranium rather than nuclear energy companies?
  • Uranium contracting and pricing explained
  • Massive, structural supply deficit of Uranium
  • Price inelasticity of Uranium
  • Impact of potential sanctions on Russian Uranium enrichment facilities
  • Japanese nuclear fleet restarts
  • Many catalysts for the uranium market
  • Main risks of investing in Uranium
  • Massive volatility in the Uranium market
  • How to invest in Uranium
  • Cost overruns at Uranium mining companies
  • Uranium mining companies are down 30-40% in the past few months

You can watch the video here.

Scott also run a really great Telegram channel that I recommend you join. It’s free, and he posts a lot of insight, articles, as well as his thoughts on the markets. You can access the channel here.

An important update on Russian stocks

Back in February I was all over Youtube saying I was buying Russian stocks. Suffice to say that didn’t turn out too well for me. It’s an inherent risk in investing in emerging, frontier, and highly volatile markets as I do.

The reality is that at any given point something is blowing up in my portfolio. I sleep very well a night though. Why?

Because I can stomach volatility, and because I am very diversified across assets classes and geographies. When something blows up somewhere, chances are some of my other investments are natural hedges.

For those of you who also invested in Russian stocks, whether through IB or another broker, Swen Lorenz of undervalued-shares.com published a very timely update on the situation. It was sent to his paid subscribers only, but I asked him if he could kindly make it available to the subscribers of The Wandering Investor’s Private List as well. You can download it here: https://bit.ly/gazprom-adrs-there-is-movement

Good follow-up is one of the reasons I really like his newsletter.

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