• You want to invest outside of your home country?
  • You believe in diversification and that having everything in your own country is not as safe as you are led to believe?
  • You understand that investing outside your own country typically comes with greater risk and communication challenges, but are up to the challenge?
  • You want to minimize your investments in Western countries with their high taxes, ever changing regulatory environments, and low yields?
  • You have saved up enough cash to make an investment, and would like to get started? It can be anything from wanting to buy a studio to put on Airbnb, to constructing an apartment building in an emerging market to then sell as individual apartments, to opening a brokerage account in a far-off frontier market, or guidance on precious metals or some residency schemes abroad.
  • You have a specific market in mind, where I’ve operated, and would like some information or feedback before making the final move and signing that contract?
  • You have a specific investment in mind, but want the contact information of some good lawyers, agents, property managers, brokerages that have a good reputation, in order to minimize risk?


If you answer yes to some of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. An individual consulting session* is 200 or $220. Satisfaction guaranteed. Do check out the FAQ.


If you want the answer to a specific, written question – send me an email and I’ll give you a quote. 

*a consulting session is a discussion about your portfolio and objectives. It does not constitute legal, financial, tax or investment advice. 

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