Russian equities offer a unique value proposition.

Ignore the Russia narrative on mainstream media.

Russia is an extremely interesting market to look into.
1. Its macro metrics are a lot healthier than those of most Western countries and emerging markets.
2. Russia’s stock market is seriously undervalued, and it offers amongst the highest dividend yields in the world.

I decided to interview two experts on the matter:
– Singapore-based hedge fund manager Lyall Taylor who is well-known on fintwit (@lt3000lyall) and for his blog lt3000. You can follow him on Twitter here
– Swen Lorenz of, whom I interviewed a few times, and who is going to come up with a lot of Russia content in the next few months.

00:00 Introduction, and the Western narrative on Russia
01:45 Why invest in Russia? Reforms, less O&G dependency, improving living standards, deleveraging, low debt levels, working age population, etc
16:17 Why invest in the Russian stock market? Low valuations, high dividend yields, local retail investor interest, etc
22:15 Exit strategy
25:15 Dividend yields in Russia
28:25 Why invest in Gazprom
30:50 Why invest in Tinkoff
36:30 What is the biggest risk related to investing in Russia?
38:30 Risk of Russia being banned from SWIFT

This is what we aim to do at The Wandering Investor. We want to open your eyes to a World of Opportunities. In many (most) cases, this means exploring beyond established narratives.

Watch this very insightful interview/three-way discussion here.

Swen is also very kind to share a report for free with my audience. You can click here to access his in-depth report on Gazprom. It’s a little old, but the thesis is still intact, and it demonstrates the quality of his research.

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As always, none of this constitutes investment or financial advice. Make sure to read the disclaimers and to do your own due diligence.

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