Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a consulting session?

We start off with a short 15 minute pre-session where I ask you questions to understand your current situation and objectives.

A few days later, after I’ve had time to prepare, we have the full deep-dive session. Duration of up to 90 minutes.

How do I book a consulting session?

Write me a message with your preferred day or time. Kindly include your time zone.

How does the consulting session take place?

Skype audio, Whatsapp audio, Telegram audio, Signal audio, Viber audio, Facetime audio…

What is the structure of the consulting session?

You explain your situation and goals – and I listen. We then discuss and analyze various options.

Do I need to pay in advance?

No, you can pay me up to 5 business days after the initial consulting session. If you feel that I did not answer your questions then no need to pay.


Can I pay with crypto?

Of course. You even get a 10% discount for paying with crypto.

Why should I use The Wandering Investor rather than some bigger consultancy
I’m efficient, small scale, with low overheads and some rather specific knowledge. You won’t find a better deal.
Are the consulting sessions legally binding?

No, not at all. I give information based on my experience. None of it is legally binding. It is not legal, financial, investment or tax advice.

I just want to send you a written question; I don’t want a full consulting session
Send me an email with your question, and I’ll give you a quote if I can help you.

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