Residency and Citizenship by Investment

Residency Services

Residency in Georgia

No taxes on income earned outside of Georgia for tax residents. It’s a great base close to Europe and the Middle East. There are multiple residency programmes available.

Residency in Hungary

For non-EU people

Create a local LLC

Buy €180,000 of real estate

Low tax lifestyle in the EU

Visa-free travel accross the EU

Residency in Ukraine

how to obtain residency in ukraine

Easy to obtain

Create a local LLC

Low cost of living

Amazing lifestyle

Residency in Montenegro

9% personal income tax for tax residents.

Buy real estate or create a company to obtain residency.

A great base or Plan B in Europe 

Residency in Nicaragua

No taxes on income earned outside of Nicaragua for tax residents. It’s a great base close to North America. There are multiple residency programmes available, some of which can lead to citizenship.

Citizenship by Investment Services

Citizenship by Investment in Montenegro

A great European passport

I can help you save money with your application

Citizenship by Investment Turkey

citizenship by investment turkey

Invest $250,000 in great real estate and get citizenship

Best deal only with The Wandering Investor

Citizenships by Investment Caribbean

Citizenships for sale from different Caribbean countries

Starting from $100,000

Encyclopedia for Emigrants

encyclopedia for emigrants

Christoph Heuermann


Citizenship by Investment Vanuatu

Starting from $130,000

Bitcoin / Crypto accepted

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