Return on Investment

So you think paying a few hundred dollars for a consulting session with The Wandering Investor is too much? Here is why your Return on Investment is likely to be very quick.


1. Higher Yields

I can orient you towards markets that have higher yields than markets you are maybe looking at. Even just 1% (100bps) extra yield per year compounded over a few years will more than offset my consulting fee.

2. Savings on Travel Costs

Sometimes, you have to go to a market yourself to figure out information on the ground. I might have a lot of the information you are looking for, thus saving you a trip, with its cost and time implications.

3. Savings on your Personal Time

I’ve been there, and you have too. Sometimes you can spend days on Google trying to find information and comparing alternatives. Based on learnings from my experience, I can save you a lot of time.

4. Avoiding expensive mistakes

Sometimes you go into a new market unprepared, and you make a mistake related to something you hadn’t thought of, or because you weren’t properly prepared administratively. Each market has it quirks. I made (expensive) mistakes and learned from them.

5. Learning about new asset classes

Sometimes there are certain asset classes that are not part of your portfolio, but that are potential winners. For some reason they were not on your radar, and you now see the opportunity.

6. Little-known opportunities very few people know about

Not all residency programmes are well marketed. There are small gems out there that you won’t read about online. The same goes for little-known ways to obtain a second citizenship. There is more out there than the usual Carribean and Maltese citizenship programmes.


You just need ONE of these points to materialize to have an immediate ROI on your consulting session. 

And guess what, if I couldn’t help you or if you don’t believe I provided value, then you don’t have to pay. Satisfaction guaranteed. Payment is only after the session.





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